Educated Consumer

Posted on August 11, 2017


Educating clients is a key component of what we do at South Carolina Legal Services. This is as true in consumer protection law as any other area of our practice.  Here are 5 things you should know before buying a car.

Here are 3 bonus tips an educated consumer should know:

  1. The glove box of the car you just bought is not the safest place to keep the purchase and financing documents . . . you won’t have them for your lawyer if your car gets repossessed!
  2. In S.C. you cannot go to jail for not paying a consumer debt and your wages cannot be garnished to collect a consumer debt . . . even though a debt collector may threaten both!
  3. If a judgment is entered against you, it is up to the creditor to collect it, rather than up to you to pay it . . . entry of judgment does not require you to pay, it just gives the creditor the right to collect.

Susan Ingles
Senior Staff Attorney
Consumer Unit Head

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